Last Assignment

Baru saja diberi lembar “tugas” yang wajib dilaksanakan sebelum meninggalkan kamar. Begitu dibaca, langsung lemes rasanya ~_~. Saya memang berniat membersihkan kamar sih, tapi ga nyangka kalau instruksinya sedetil itu. Here here, look look…

Before your departure, you must clean it completely:

  • Dust furniture and shelves 
  • Clean windows (inside) and around windows 
  • Clean around the entrance door 
  • Empty and clean trash cans (kitchen, bathroom) and wastebasket 
  • Clean stop ventilation (above the kitchen sink) 
  • Empty, defrost the fridge and clean it: inside and outside (pull it from its location) 
  • Clean the sink and its plug, the hot plate and the work-top 
  • Clean the cupboard next to the fridge (remove the shelves and clean them both sides). Do not forget the bottom of the cupboard. 
  • Clean the washbasin and its plug, under the washbasin, the bathtub and its plug, the shower curtain and toilet, do not forget to dust the pipes. 
  • Clean the kitchen tiles and the bathroom tiles 
  • Clean switches and neon of the kitchen and of the bathroom 
  • Clean baseboards (?)
  • Wash the doors (bedroom and bathroom) 
  • Sweep or pass the vacuum cleaner (you can borrow it at the reception, in exchange of an identity card), wash the floors (do not forget the back of the bed and under the box
  • Residents of ground floor must wash the curtain *fyuh, untung saya di lantai 3*
  • You must give back the duvet, the duvet cover, the insulator, the pillow case, the pillow: all must be clean (all the stains will be charged) 
  • Do not forget to iron the duvet cover and the pillow case 

Pingsan dulu ah…

Sepertinya malam ini dan besok benar-benar harus kerja bakti. Demi supaya uang deposit kembali dengan (nyaris) utuh. Soalnya, di peraturan ada pasal:

The failure to comply with these arrangements will lead to the billing of the worked hours done by the staff for the cleaning of the studio.

Sayangnya di sini ga ada yang bisa di-summon… Sigh…

*) Sekalian lah jadi checklist. All done! Well, except for the baseboards, I don’t even know what it is ^^; Those all were done on 3 AM, and I didn’t dare to sleep because I had to catch the train on 6 AM ~_~. But it’s okay, it was a 9 hours long of travel by train anyway.

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