L'Autunno a Bolzano

I’ve been here for two months, yet I’ve never posted pictures of Bolzano, “una città bellissima e tranquilla” :). So here you go, the color of autumn in Bolzano…

During this season, we can almost always find this fruit in the mensa (university canteen, where I eat most of the time ;)), which is…

Cachi! That’s the Italian name for persimmon. Actually I didn’t know the existence of this fruit before coming here, at first I thought they’re tomatoes. And when my friend said this fruit’s name, cachi [kaki], I was kinda surprised, because in Indonesian language it means feet :D. But it doesn’t mean that they taste like feet, no, they’re very good! Sweet, with jelly-ish texture. I love ’em ^^

Anyway, I took those pictures more than two weeks ago. Now, the trees are starting to lose their color… and leaves. And the temperature starts to fall below zero, brrr… Soon, snow will give the city a new color (wait, white is a color rite?) ^^. But it’s okay… I can always find a place colorful enough to ‘rest my eyes’.


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