One Of My 2011 Challenges

I’ve been challenged!  And since I’m the type of girl who can’t let any challenge just pass through my face, I decided to grab it. Beware, mbak nyun minyuminyupapaw! Mwahahahahh… Well, actually I kinda forget that I’ve already said something like ‘challenge accepted!’, just remembered it now ^^; But this is still the second week of 2011 rite? It’s not too late…

So here I am, participating in ‘The Daily Post’ by The goal is to encourage bloggers to write more, so there are two challenges for us to pick: Post A Day and Post A Week, for all of 2011. Post A Day is impossible for me ^^; so I will be committed to write a blog post at least once a week. If you subscribe to The Daily Post, you can get the topic of which you can write your blog post about.

Interested to join? Here is how:

  1. Post on your blog that you’re participating
  2. (You can grab a sample post here)
  3. Use the tag postaday2011 or postaweek2011 in your posts (tips on tagging here)
  4. Subscribe to dailypost – via email thru the sidebar, or via RSS. Only then will you get reminders and inspiration every day

Until now I still can’t decide whether to use English or Bahasa to participate. I used to like writing in English, but now I enjoy writing in Bahasa more. But… I need to practice my English since I will have to write my thesis in English *sigh*. Let’s see then…

That’s it… let’s roll in 2011! ^^

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