Room Makeover Project #1

Remember when I say that ‘my room is… kinda boring’ here? Boring room won’t help me in my study time, don’t you think? 😉 So, I’ve decided to add more colorful and interesting things…

This is just the beginning. I can’t imagine what my room will look like in the next few months, when I have to move to Italy ^^;

Fallin’ bubbles and stars, help me having good night’s sleep and nice dreams. But… always tempt me to have a little nap ;p

How can I not be happy looking at little Mr. Smiley every morning? 🙂

I really like to cook lately… Experimental cooking needs utensils that can make you enthusiastic, rite? ;p

Souvenirs!! These are from the last holiday. There’ll be more holidays coming ^^ yihaaa…

Bunch of roses, and…

Box of chocolates 🙂

Well, actually, the last two things are my belated birthday present. Now that the room has been filled with happiness, let’s start studying! ^^

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