Spread your wings and…


Happy birthday my dear lil’ sista!

I guess you’ve found your wings now rite? 😉 Have fun enjoying your college days, they’re sometimes not easy I know, but you’re gonna miss ’em later. The sky is limitless, keep flying! Aim high, but don’t forget to look down occasionally 😉

Next year your age will start with ‘2’, so enjoy your last year of being ‘gadis berumur belasan tahun’, mwahahahahha :))

I’ll be going home soon! Please wait for the real present until I get home okay? ;p But here’s a sneak peek…

Tadaaa~! [spoiler]

Things I’ve found from here and there. Things that made me think, “My sister must have these things!” ;p.

  • Venetian mask, so you can keep your bad-mood-face… with style :)) *evil grin*
  • Mini colored pencil set, so you can sketch anywhere anytime ;p
  • Mini camera! It can make the sound and flash of real camera, so cute… *the real one? ehmmmmh…*
  • and… Mini music box to bring back your mood… “La vie en rose…” *Jeux d’Enfants ‘s song, remember? :D* which sounds exactly like this..


Hope you like them…


hugs and kisses,


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