Spring Holiday: Riquewihr & Kaysersberg

I’m actually feeling very guilty because I’ve just write about this now >.<. This day-trip was initiated by my fellow LCT student, Casey, in… wait let me check first… the end of April. Aw, it almost feels like last year ^^; At that time I had no class anymore, but still had to deal with projects and exam. Anyhoo.. it’s springtime, so.. time to have some fun! 🙂

We *four of us: me, Casey, Shashi, and Tzuyi* went to the Riquewihr and Kaysersberg, small towns (or villages?) in the Alsace region. It took only 2 hours driving from Nancy to Riquewihr, and around 15 minutes from Riquewihr to Kaysersberg.

The main tourist attraction is the town itself, because the houses there have a unique and colorful design. You’ll feel like you’re still in middle ages. And also, we went few days after Easter, so there were still Easter decorations all over the town, so cute…

Pictures? Here you go 🙂

[cincopa AgCAIuqFPLy4]

Cute Shop Sign

When I looked around, these signs instantly grabbed my attention. I took so many pictures of ’em. Here are a few..

Ah, I suddenly want to design this kind of sign for paramitopia’s home ;p

Vins d’Alsace

Yap, Alsace is one of the famous wine-producing region. We can see that the vineyard surrounds the town.

Akh, too bad that I can’t have a taste of their famous wine ;). But at least I bought this as a souvenir…

Huge Horses

I was a little shocked when a carriage and its horses were passing me by. They’re so huge! ^^ I’ve never seen this kind of breed of horse before, with big and hairy feet. They seems… old, like grandpas of horses ;). I was told that they are draft horses, a breed that can be usually found in the farm. I was like “Ooohh…”

A very fun day-trip indeed, thanks for the companion guys :). Congratulations on your graduation, and hope to see you all again in next year’s LCT meeting… in Prague! *this photo below is the only photo of three of you that I took ^^;*

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