2012-10-12: Defense Day

October 12, 2012. It’s been more than 3 weeks, but every minute of that day is still fresh in my memory. A very memorable day indeed 🙂

The day started very early, since they scheduled my defense to be at 9 AM. It’s pretty good actually, less time to feel anxious, and I was released from the pressure since early in the morning. I was the second person to go, after my friend, my LCT comrade who was suffering along with me during thesis time ;).

“The room”, D003

Right after she finished her presentation, we were waiting outside the room because inside the room the committee members, including the supervisors, were discussing the result. I felt horrible at that time, waiting for them to call my name. My friends around me said something, to encourage me, but I couldn’t hear a thing ^^;. Then finally… show time.

The presentation was going well, but not so smooth. Most of the time I felt so calm and explained well, but there are times when my voice was shaking, and I did once touch my head when for a second I didn’t know what to say, silly habit of mine ;p. At the end of my presentation, I got only one question. An easy question about how did I do the computation of such a big amount of texts, which I could answer confidently since I spent a lot of time doing that.

In the total time of half an hour, my Master study was concluded. I can’t really describe what I felt after that, but I will never forget that feeling. I came out from the room with a very big smile on my face, so happy that the question I got wasn’t so hard to answer. Finally, I could celebrate our freedom from Master study with my friend, and she was the first person that I hugged. Somehow, I felt so overwhelmed with emotions that the tears started flowing. So silly, but I couldn’t help it ;). I’m free!!

Then, a friend brought us flowers… it’s picture time! ^^ We took a picture everywhere in university… the library, where we spent most of our time during the last few weeks; the canteen a.k.a mensa, the place which gives us energy to continue working on our thesis; and of course, the most obligatory place, in front of the building with the university name.

The day continued with having lunch in all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant, eating as much as we could :D. Around 3 PM, we went back to university, to officially get our degree. The committee declared that we were graduated, got MSc degree, and also announced our final grade.

Waiting to be declared ‘free’

When they called our name, we had to come up front, signed the declaration paper, and got the bound copy of our thesis back. If the student get ‘cum laude’, all of the committee members will stand up while the head of the committee declare the graduation. Too bad I couldn’t make them stand up 😉

Before the party started, we spent some time eating ice cream in Piazza Walther, with the sunny weather. The piazza was still decorated with flowers. Everything was… perfect! Well, except for the fact that I was suffering from wearing high heels all day long.

And the day was closed with a great party, with great friends ^^. I couldn’t be happier.


2 thoughts on “2012-10-12: Defense Day

  1. June says:

    sekarang lagi ngapain?
    anyway, instead of graduation, you refer to it as freedom, hihihihi, free…at last, sampai waktunya memulai S3, heheheh. you rock!! pol-polan!! 🙂

    • paramitopia says:

      Iyaa, hihi.. free! Sayang cuma bebas dua minggu dan PhD pun dimulai. Minggu ini udah mulai masuk kelas lagi ^^; Advisor juga udah mulai ngasih kerjaan.. huks :'(

      But.. I’ll be home this December, yay! 😉

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