Addio Bolzano, Ciao Trento!

Actually, I’ve said goodbye to my sweet room in Rainerum since 3 weeks ago, but… at that time it didn’t feel like I’ve already moved out from Bolzano. Lots of my stuffs were still there, I still found myself eating in university canteen and hanging out with my friends there, and most importantly… I was still a student of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, until around a week ago when I finally defended my Master thesis *I will talk about this later, I’m still waiting for pictures in my friend’s camera* :).

Now I could say I officially move to Trento!

uhmm, well, not completely, because some of my stuffs are still in Bolzano, and somehow I still spend some time there ^^;

Anyway, my new residence is called Residenze Universitarie San Bartolameo, a very cool residence managed by University Student Service (Opera Universitaria). It’s a very huge complex containing 6 buildings in total. My room is in the second floor of F-A building, the same building as the gym :D.

The view is absolutely gorgeous, because it’s located in a hill, surrounded by mountains.

And I get my own balcony!

Also my own bathroom. Unfortunately no mini kitchen or fridge in the room, so we have to share the kitchen and 3 big fridge with other people in my floor. And even though it’s a common kitchen, some things are not for common use *according to someone who told me after I used her pan*. So I need to buy new kitchen gadgets, and I find myself an excuse to buy a new toaster ^^.

Here you go, interior of the room, only the bed though, the pictures of other areas are not really decent enough to be put here ;p.

In Rainerum, there is a cleaning lady who will take care of the cleanliness of my room and the bathroom every once a week, and will provide us with free tissue papers. Here… no way, I have to clean the room by myself, also buy rolls of tissue papers. However, there is someone who will check the ‘adequacy’ of the room, and maybe check for any forbidden electronic stuff. Last time I got ‘adeguato/adequate’ column checked in the paper, but with a note, “Prego/please, clean better the floor! Thanks” ^^; It’s not that dirty, I swear, it’s just that… my hair is everywhere on the floor *long hair problem*.

The other bad thing is… it’s located quite far from the city center. I need to take a bus or even train to get here, plus a little walk. From the train station, it takes ±15 minutes by bus, and ±6 minutes by train. Going home by train is much more convenient because the train station is exactly in the residence area and the path to my building is going downhill. While the walk from the bus stop to my building is going up.

So, the perfect formula is: going out by bus, and going home by train. But it depends on the time, because the bus is more frequent than the train. And of course, it also depends on my mood, whether I’m in a mood for some exercises or not ;p.

Why do I have to move to Trento? That’s another story 😉 Right now my new life as a PhD student is not officially started yet, so let’s talk about that next month.

Okay then, let’s hope that my new life in Trento will be as exciting as my previous time in Bolzano, or Nancy. And for now… I just hope that they start the heating system as soon as possible, it’s freezing cold in my room!

4 thoughts on “Addio Bolzano, Ciao Trento!

    • paramitopia says:

      ahahah, betul betul, ademm dan udaranya seger, bawaannya jadi pengen tidur 😀 bisa kacau nih sekolahnya ga beres-beres, hehe..

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