Bolzano Hiking Trip

Have I told you before, that Bolzano is surrounded by mountains? So it is like heaven for people who like to go hiking because there are a lot of walking and hiking path with beautiful view of the mountains. So here you go, my experiences of hiking at Bolzano, plus the captured view.

#1 Latemar, Labyrinth Path

My first hiking trip, ever! And I love it! At the end of October, we went from Karersee (Lago di Carezza), passed through Latemar, the Labyrinth path, then ended up at Karrerpass. 7.9 km in total, with the maximum height of 1,901 m.

The frozen Lago di Carezza. Beautiful isn’t it? ­čśë I will definitely go there again on summer. We went there by bus, took less than one hour from the city center.

Latemar, one of the mountain in the Dolomites. That’s where we’re going!

We didn’t go to the top of the mountain, but still, the view from there is breathtaking. I guess.. that’s Rosengarten┬á*I’m not sure ;p*. We took a break for a while, having lunch with marvelous view.

After that, we passed through Labyrinth path, which is basically a narrow and complicated path going down the mountain. Took no picture there since I need all of my focus and concentration to survive that ;p.

And finally, we arrived at Karerpass!

#2 Funivia San Genesio

At the beginning of March, surprisingly the weather was very nice, it felt like spring already ^^. So we decided to try one of the cable car, called funivia in Italian. There are 3 cableway in Bolzano: Ritten-Renon, Kohlern-Colle, and San Genesio. We tried the last one.

One of the activity in the mountain: throwing rock competition ^^.

The view? Of course one of the mountain in Dolomites *don’t ask me which one ;p* and view of the village from the hill. Then we went around in the village for a while before going back home.

#3 Earth Pyramids in Ritten-Renon

The next day, right after the #2 trip, we went to try the other cable car, Ritten-Renon. Unfortunately, the cable car is closed :'(. Two of us insisted on going up… on foot. After 15 minutes, I gave up *coz’ on the previous day I’ve walked quite a lot already ;p*, so some of us went up by bus instead.

Then we took a path downhill to see the earth pyramids, and it started raining, exactly according to the weather forecast. But we kept on going, rain can’t stop us! ^^

Here you go, the earth pyramids. How could it happen? The secret is relied on the stones on top of them. Well, most of the stones are already disappear, but some of them are still there. As we know, natural processes such as erosion can happen to the soil. The stones prevent the soil below them to be removed by erosion, then voila! Of course it happened (maybe) hundreds years ago, and took a long time to become like that.


Yap, that’s all.. for now :). Maybe there will be more coming. Sometimes it’s important to go out (or up ;p) to exercise and move the muscles, since I spend most of the time in front of the laptop. It’s fun! really ^^ But of course, usually I have to ‘pay the price’ XD, at least one day of rest, doing nothing but lie down on the bed.

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