Everyday I'm Jugglin'!


I believe when people say doing things in multitasking, what they really mean is ‘juggling’ the tasks. It’s impossible to do more than one thing at a time, don’t you think? Unless you have the time-turner that Hermione used to attend more than one class simultaneously ;).

And right now… everyday I’m jugglin’! Actually, maybe I made a little wrong decision here. But I won’t regret it, I’ll just try my best to move forward.

So the thing is, as a second year Master student, my one and only concern at this time should be my Master thesis. But here I am, with two more responsibilities other than that.

The first one is my 8 credits project, which actually related to my thesis. It’s like the preliminary works for my thesis, including processing the gigabytes of text, extracting the statistics, etc. At the beginning there are a lot of problems with this, that drives me crazy *if you look back to a couple of posts before ;p*. Now it’s sailing smoothly, but I still have to write some scripts, and also the report. Don’t wanna talk more about it, I bet you don’t wanna know either ;).

The other one is my 150 hours job. As a student, there is a possibility to do some kind of part-time job in the faculty, and we will get paid for €8 per hour. My friend said that usually the job will involve scanning the documents, arranging books, and similar tasks. I thought, why not take it? Since my scholarship will stop next month, and I still have to stay here until October *it’s impossible for me to graduate on July :'(*.

Unfortunately *or should I say luckily?*, not for me ^^; I am assigned with web developing, programming with JSP for one of the PhD student’s research. The thing is, I love web designing! XD, so this job is like heaven for me. Because I’m responsible only for the interface, while the core functionality implementation is the other person’s job.

And here comes the problem… I tend to keep this job task longer in my hand, just because I like it more. In juggling the balls, this is a big mistake, because you have to throw it at one point in order to catch the other one that is coming. Or else, this other ball will fall miserably, and I don’t want it to happen to my thesis >_<.

Ow, don’t forget to include social life in these juggling balls. Partying or going out somewhere with friends or doing some sports or… travelling *that is a must!* are also important aspects of life. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life here buried in my room tied to my desk, surrounded with papers, dirty laundry, and unhealthy snacks.

Uhm, add also writing blog posts. It’s good for me anyway, to practice my writing skill, especially in English 😉

Okay then… I’m just gonna say, let’s have fun jugglin’!!

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