O, I, and A

Presenting… the newest kittens in da house! But uhm, well, I’m not so sure, because I lost track of the overgrown population of cats in my house now ^^;

Anyway, surprisingly, my Mom who used to be so creative in finding names for all the cats, lost her mojo and decided to give them one-letter-name :)) Worse than one-word-name she and my father gave me *I still resent them for that, haha kidding.. I love my name ;p love you Mom, Dad!*. And so they are named… O, I, and A! In the picture, from left to right respectively. So it is really easy to call them together, and there are 6 combinations of way to call them ­čśë

Lastly, according to my Mom, they know their names! Let’s prove it when I get back at home later..

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