Americat in New York

One continent down, only 3 more to go! Well, Antarcticat maybe can be crossed out from the list *too cold >.<* leaving Africat and Australia. But I stepped only on a very small tip of America, and of U.S. even, I will definitely come back another time.

I spent only two weeks (mainly) in New York. The first few days exploring NYC, then we flew to Buffalo for Niagara Falls and drove back to NYC. Too bad I don’t have Canada visa so I couldn’t see the falls from the Canadian side *which is said to be more beautiful*, but seeing the falls up front from the “Maid of the Mist” boat was already majestic ^^. A picture paints a thousand words, so here you go… some pictures from the trip.

On our drive back to NYC we passed by two interesting places, Batavia and Dresden. Simon has a picture with the sign of his ‘hometown’, but I only have this… a credit card statement saying that we had burgers at Burger King in Batavia :)).

We caught a cold after coming back from the falls, so we had to spent the weekend at home: watching DVDs and baseball game. There were ‘World Series’ finals between Red Sox and Cardinals, won by Red Sox. We both supported Cardinals although we’re not fans of Cardinals, nor baseball (at least I’m not, but I enjoy watching it) :p. I supported Cardinals because this song of St. Louis has been stuck in my brain since long time ago, and I love it! And Simon just didn’t want to support a team with a silly logo :D.

As for the DVDs, we watched episodes of ‘An Idiot Abroad‘ :D. I heard this very cute song in one of the episodes, the one where Karl traveled to Alaska to meet whales.

I really caribou you
I’m a loon when you’re a whale
It’s hard for me to bear, because I love you so deer
I really caribou you
You’re salmon special to me

I. LOVE. IT! <3 *especially since we sometimes also put ‘cat’ and ‘bear’ in our words whenever possible :p*

We got better the next week. On Wednesday we were invited for Indian dinner in Summit, New Jersey. We passed by Chatham to visit the place where Simon stayed before moving to New York, and greeted the cats! There are six cats in that house, the oldest being 16 years old! :O. They’re sooo fluffy, but too shy with strangers so I couldn’t really play with them. It was a great evening, with delicious food :).

Rusty and Roxy

The next day we visited the Statue of Liberty. We couldn’t go up *one has to make a reservation since 3 months before :(* so we just strolled around the park. And in the evening… we joined the Halloween parade! It was awesome, so many people in crazy costumes ^^. Mine looked so dull in comparison, makes me determined to wear crazier costume and join the parade again next year. Not as crazy as this though :p.

On Friday I had to head back to Italy :(. However, I was cheered up a little bit because… I had ‘Sate Padang’ for lunch! :D. Then we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for only around 2 hours, which is not enough… at all. I wish we could spend more time there.

Now that I’ve overcome my jet-lag, time to get back to work. I will have to do my qualifying exam, which will determine my PhD continuation, next month :O. Wish me luck! ^^

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