Cat Scratch Pad: Whiteboard Wall Sticker

The idea comes from the bear actually. He’s been wanting to have a whiteboard, but unfortunately, the dorm where he stays is not so flexible about things one can put on the wall. I like the idea, I mean… sometimes we need to write or sketch things down out of our mind, and using a whiteboard will save some papers. Save papers, save trees. Besides, in my new flat I have empty spaces on the wall and I’m free to put anything I like on it *I will have to repaint the wall at the end of the contract anyway*.

At first, we looked for a traditional whiteboard. The small ones, e.g. 60 x 40 cm, are not so expensive, but I don’t think that size is sufficient :p. So I searched for an alternative. I know that wall decals or wall stickers are popular nowadays, so there must be a whiteboard wall sticker. And yes there is, and it’s naturally less expensive than the traditional whiteboard! :D. As a comparison, check these: the whiteboard wall sticker and the traditional one, both with the size of 90 x 60 cm. I bought the wall sticker of course ^^.

The big plus of the wall sticker is that it is more flexible, when I move out from the flat later I don’t have to carry a big board around. However, there are few tiny disadvantages:

  • there’s no border *as you can see, it looks like I sketched directly on the wall* so one needs to be careful not to draw on the wall instead
  • it depends on the wall surface, the smoother the wall surface is the better for the sticker
  • it needs quite an effort to apply the sticker on the wall, without getting ‘bubbles’ trapped beneath the surface *the same as applying a screen protector*

But put those aside, it works like a charm. I love it! 🙂

However, as you can see, up until now the purpose of that whiteboard is so far from what I imagined. It looks more like a children’s drawing book :D. I initially thought some serious formulas will be there, but instead, the bear wrote that *ehm* lovely formula. Oh well, it’s really fun though 🙂

There’s actually a more advance technology for whiteboard… the dry erase whiteboard paint. It’s sooo cool! :O It’s perfect for school and office, I don’t know if some schools have used that, but while the bear was in the AT&T office, he found that some of the walls in the meeting rooms are covered with the paint.

I have a dream that once I have my own house, there will be one room fully covered with this whiteboard paint… and we could let our creativity run wild!

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