Friday the 13th and the Curse of a Hobbit Box

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Friday the 13th occurs twice in 2013: September 2013 and December 2013. Yes, the latter was Friday two weeks ago. It is believed to be an ominous and cursed day, a day when bad luck happens. And combined with the ’13’ in 2013? Brrr… it made me shivering.


I don’t believe such things. In fact, on that day… let me think… I think I had quite some fun, exploring the Christmas market here in Trento, in the occasion of celebrating my successful qualifying exam — I can continue my PhD study, yay *not so enthusiastic anymore imagining the work that will be piled higher and deeper*. Anyway, that evening I had a pretty good raclette and a sip of vin brul├ę in the Christmas market ;). A nice evening. However, the days after that Friday the 13th were like a nightmare to me *horror soundtrack starts*

On the following day, Saturday night, we had a plan to watch “Lo Hobbit – La desolazione di Smaug”. Yep, in Italian, I was quite confident with my Italian comprehension :). Since I needed some cash (only 5 euros left in my wallet), I ‘recharged’ my prepaid credit card and planned to withdraw some money on the way to the cinema. I tried twice, I failed twice. Weird, I think, I just put some money inside. But I wasn’t that worried because I have a backup source, the bear’s wallet *evil grin*.

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At the cinema, with the last euros I had, I bought a ‘Hobbit box’. It’s a package of popcorn and a soft drink, but on top of the drink there’s a miniature of a character from the movie. I think I got Thorin, or Kili, I’m not sure… it’s too small to be sure. I was so happy with that cute Hobbit box, not knowing the curse of that box…

When we were about to settle on our seats, I accidentally dropped the Hobbit box, resulting in only one third of the popcorn left before the movie even started ;(. The movie was long, and I did a mistake of not going to the bathroom in the 15 minutes break. During the second half I just couldn’t wait for the movie to finish. After the movie reached the end, I hurriedly grabbed my stuff and dashed to the bathroom. But… I forgot my Hobbit box ;((. My precious Hobbit box, with Kili’s miniature *I like Kili more than Thorin*. The curse… it must be the curse.

The next day, on Sunday, I invited Indonesian friends in Trento to my new flat, to enjoy sayur asem for lunch. When I was about to cook the rice, the electricity went off. It had never happened before! I tried to knock my neighbors, my landlord, no one was at home. Luckily a friend, who helped me cooking, randomly pushed the buttons on the electricity panel and suddenly it turned on again. The party went well in the end, but still… this bad luck with electricity is suspicious.

Back to my credit card, on Monday I checked the balance in the card through online banking, it was zero! Someone or something emptied my card. I was panicked, and blocked everything: card, online banking account. When I wanted to go to my bank branch in Bolzano, and solve the problem, the bus was on strike. When I finally arrived in Bolzano the bank had closed. What a perfect day. This card problem was solved on the next day, but I still have to pick up the new card, maybe after these holidays.

The next thing that worried me is my stay permit. I’ve been waiting to get that for 4 months now since the application process started. Three months after the interview (during the interview they said it needed at least 2,5 months to finish), I was getting anxious and asked about it. There was a missing document and they couldn’t continue the process (I wouldn’t know if I didn’t ask -.-). I completed the documents, then the officer told me that it will be ready in 20 days.

But then three weeks after, a week before the Christmas week, there’s still no news about it. The thing is, I had a plan to spend Christmas and New Year outside Italy (still in Europe), and I must have the stay permit to travel within Europe. So, the bear called the German embassy in Rome, and they said it’s possible to make a Schengen visa and it could be ready before Christmas.

On Tuesday night, I took the night train to Rome. I had an appointment at 11.30 for the interview. During the interview, the officer told me that it is impossible to get it ready before Christmas or even New Year, since they need 10 days to process the visa. Besides, I was still missing a travel insurance for the required documents.

Long story short, I couldn’t get the visa :(. And I still don’t have my stay permit. So yes, I’m stuck here in Trento *actually in Italy, but I’m in no mood to travel around*, while the bear has already left for Dresden for Christmas ;((. That, dear readers, is the ultimate bad luck happening to me at the end of year 2013.

After all these things, I begin to believe in the bad luck brought by number 13, and… the curse of a Hobbit box!

Kidding again.

I just hope that I will get through the rest of my 26th and the rest of this year with no more problem :). This is just one bad phase of life, there will be many more to come, and I will be more ready for the next ones. Regarding the celebration, of birthday, Christmas, or New Year, it’s just a few of many more celebrations to come. There’s no need to be grumpy and gloomy if it’s not according to what’s planned before.

Oooh, I’m getting wiser. No wonder… I’ll turn 27 in 21 hours! ­čśë Cheers!

p.s.: come to think of it again, these things happened at the end of my 26th year… 26 is 13 times 2! :O suspicious…

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