The Cat and The Bear

This is a story about a cat and a bear…

The bear, not as weighty as depicted :p, is a very sweet and fluffy bear, that I guess any cat would happily jump into his warm hug. As sweet as honey bear, he doesn’t really like to eat sweet stuffs though, and prefers bacon than fish (or any other seafood). While the cat loves seafood sooo much, even wears fish bone as a pendant ^^. Well, she actually eats everything except bitter stuff, but raw salmon and chocolate and cheese are her favorite.

They speak different languages, obviously, luckily they know one common language, let’s say… rabbit’s language ^^. One thing they also have in common is their fondness of hibernating, especially in cold weather. However, the cat’s hobby to sleep, and inclination to play than work, are more severe than the bear it seems, which I guess the problem of every cat ;).

Both the bear and the cat like snow very much, but they also like sunshine. Playing with snow in sunshine would be the best. Unfortunately, the bear could easily get sunburn, maybe because the fur is too soft (and fluffy) :p. The cat won’t get sunburn so easily, it’s just that the fur color will change :D.

There are so many more things I could tell about them, such as how the bear likes to fly so much (yes, the bear can fly a plane  ^^), or how the cat really wants to try diving (and catches the fishes while doing that). But let’s keep them for now. One thing I could say is, their story… has started, and will never end.. i hope 😉

P.S.: It doesn’t mean that I will draw the illustration of their story, as in this one.. would be nice if I could, unfortunately I’m not that talented ^^;

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