When should I tell?

(source: taken from PhDcomics.com)

Yeah… it should either be the night before or… never. But never seems impossible since there will be a project meeting while I’m away. Hmmmh… actually I plan to tell her after we submit the paper, “By the way, since we submit the paper already, I want to tell you that I have a plan to leave for vacation for two weeks. I hope you don’t mind.”.

Will stick to that plan for now ^^.


One day before submitting the paper, I got busted! ­čśÇ That day my advisor sat with us PhD students at lunch. Then we started talking about how I always send her email of updated work around 3 or 4 AM *that’s the perfect time for my brain to be inspired to write fancy words :p*. She said that she felt like working with someone in US timezone. And suddenly another PhD student said to me, “It’s perfect then, when you go to US you won’t have jet-lag, you will leave in few days right?”

Uh oh… busted! :))

I have no choice but to explain to my advisor everything at that moment. Including my original plan to tell her after we submit the paper ^^. Thankfully she replied with, “It’s fine. You deserve it after the hard work.”

I’m totally blessed with a super nice advisor *teary eyes*.

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