Linkin Park, "The Hunting Party" in Munich

My first time ever to go to a big concert. And… actually, my first time ever to get out of Munich train station  😀 *I passed by Munich a lot of times on my way to/from Dresden*.

The concert tickets were actually part of the bear’s graduation reward *from himself, the cat accompanying him was a bonus :p*, which was followed by a short trip to Canary Islands. As for myself, well, I needed a distraction from a failed interview ;).

As a preparation, we’ve started listening to “The Hunting Party” since months before. “Guilty All the Same”, “Until It’s Gone”, “Final Masquerade” and “A Line In the Sand” were among my favorites. We also trained on this maneuver of me sitting on the bear’s shoulder. Too bad in the end we didn’t do it because he got a back pain from all the training :D.

The concert was awesome!! I was jumping, I was screaming, I was singing along, and… I was standing on my tippy toes all the time *yeah, the curse of being a hobbit*! 😀 But I didn’t care. People sweat a lot, people stepped on my feet, I didn’t care! I was so happy and excited!! It seemed that once in a while, this kind of relaxation is needed.

Some songs I didn’t know, because honestly, between “Meteora” and this newest album, Linkin Park was out of my music radar (except some of their singles like “Waiting for the End” and “Burn It Down”). To my surprise, they played “In the End” and “Crawling”!! It was like being thrown back to my high school time, which was more than a decade ago *dang, I feel old*! 😀 I still remember all the lyrics, including the rap part.

Now, as a proof that I was really there, here you go… a recorded video! Not a high quality one, and at some point you will hear my voice singing along, I’m sorry :p.

Next live concert… Muse!

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