lookslikescanned.com: Beat the Bureaucrats!

How many times do you have to print some documents, sign, then scan them before sending the signed documents to the administration? How many papers have you wasted, while you can do everything digitally?

lookslikescanned.com is the answer! 🙂

You could add your signature in a PDF file without having to print the document (how?), then to make your PDF file looks like scanned, upload your document to lookslikescanned.com and it will scan the document for you.

Unfortunately, for now it only works for a single-page PDF file, but you could use services like www.splitpdf.com to split and merge multi-page PDF file. I’m sure soon lookslikescanned.com will also be able to scan multiple pages of PDF ;).

Save papers, save trees, save the world! 🙂

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