Stories from Home

I actually just came back from home, yes, home sweet home… Indonesia! 🙂

After I came back from Iceland trip, I only had 19 days to finish every work-related things that need to be closed, before my flight to Jakarta. Did I finish them? Of course… not. Most of the time I was relaxing at home, but there are times when I had to open my laptop, checking and sending emails, and worked until late at night. Those 14 days *actually 12 days, 2 days are wasted for travels forth and back* at home might feel so short, but at least I think I spent enough time with my dearest family and friends, catching up with their current lives, and also enough time to make bonds again with some of my cats :D. The time was very limited, so I’m so sorry for not being able to meet up with all of you, dear friends :(.

Trip to Solo and Yogya

Right after I arrived, the very next day I had to fly again to Solo, with my mom and my aunt. We spent one night in Solo and one night in Yogyakarta, before going back to Bogor the next morning. I thought we were there only for travelling, I mean like.. eating and shopping :D. It turned out that the trip was a pilgrimage trip, to pay a ‘visit’ not only to my mom’s grandparents, but also to our ancestors (the Javanese royals) at Kotagede and Imogiri royal graveyards -.-. To be able to get into the royal graveyards, it is mandatory to wear a traditional ‘costume’. Oh well, this part was actually quite fun, since I could pretend I lived centuries ago ;).

Not that I complain, but the whole experience was kinda… weird. It was already dark when we arrived in Imogiri, and note that it was Thursday night *Thursday night has this ‘ghostly’ connotation in Indonesia :D*. Walking around the graveyard at night, spreading around some flowers on graves of some kings I don’t even know, chanting some prayers for the ancestors… sounds creepy, isn’t it? 😀

The next days were wholly dedicated to my family and cats :D. Thanks to them, I feel more refreshed now! I should go home more often, too bad my bank account doesn’t allow me to do so >.<

Karaoke night!

We finally went for a karaoke! With my family, not with my cats :p. I’ve been wanting to do this since a long time ago, and we could finally rock the night! Let it gooo.. let it gooo.. can’t hold it back anymore..

Thanks to dear aunt who took the picture :-*. We should all have a selfie together! Next time… with tongsis a.k.a selfie stick :D.

As for the cats…

They’re on me while I’m working.. they’re on me while I’m sleeping :”>

Pupy, the kitten

By the way, everyone, meet Pupy.. the only kitten in the house *until 5 days ago :D*. The name does not originate from poopy or puppy, no, I don’t know why my mom gave him that name. But he does look like a puppy, doesn’t he? :p He likes to play golf with my dad ;).

And.. he likes to hunt for cockroaches -.-. Well, considering his body size for now, cockroaches might be the perfect things to hunt. What does he do with them? Play them *throw, catch, bite, throw again..* until they’re exhausted and passed out or dead. After that, he will collect them in the biscuit bowl *I know, ewwww..*, and he will eat biscuits to regain the energy to play more.

Well, some of our cats do still have this hunting instinct, for example, Diablito caught a mice one night, my sister saw him biting something with a moving tail *ewww* and bringing it to the kitchen.

Regy, the sad mama-cat

The story goes like this..

There is this mama-cat called Regy. She just lost her two babies not long before I arrived at home, a ‘vampire’ cat kidnapped them, my mom said -.-. So she was reaaally stressful, looking for her kittens everywhere, and almost lost her voice. Good that there is this one and only kitten, Pupy! Even though Pupy is not hers, and he’s already past the age of drinking milk, Regy offered her milk, and Pupy happily took that offer :). I think Regy finds this activity comforting and makes her forget her lost kittens. So does Pupy, of course…

However, few days before I had to leave for Italy, Regy’s sister, Bugy *because of her blue-green eyes*, gave birth to three adorable kittens :D. Regy, hearing the kittens’ cries when they were born, was really in alert mode, because they remind her to her babies. Regy even tried to steal a kitten, perhaps to bring it to a safer place, not wanting the same thing happens again to these newborns. At first Bugy was so overprotective, not letting Regy touches her babies. However, when Bugy has to leave the post, for eating or for other business, Regy immediately takes over. Maybe Bugy then realizes the advantages of having a ‘babysitter’. So now… the three kittens officially have two moms! 😀

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    • Paramita says:

      Iyaaa, sayang ga sempet ketemu ya, cuma bentar banget sih, huks… Huahahaha, masa sih keliatan kekar? Tapi memang sih, soalnya ada yang maksa harus olahraga 2 kali seminggu dan tiap hari minimal 30 menit aktivitas gerak badan :p

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