The Cat and The Bear: Puffin!

I really can’t wait for our next trip… to Iceland!

This Saturday the bear will start his summer school in Iceland, and I will be giving a presentation at a conference in Sweden. But after that… it’s time for a road trip! We’ll spend 8 days driving around the Iceland ring road, with the total length of 1,332 km.

The itinerary has been set, hotels are booked. Activities include.. natural steam baths *a lot of them! the bear needs to relax after submitting his thesis*, glacier hiking, waterfalls, and meet the puffy fluffy puffins! Well, ehem, according to Lonely Planet, puffin is also one of Icelandic delicacies, let’s see if I’ll be heartless enough to eat that cute animal.

At first we thought we’ll also meet the bear’s northern relatives… polar bears! But according to Lonely Planet it is very unlikely to meet them in Iceland. Even though sometimes a polar bear is seen floating around on an iceberg, it won’t stay long because the locals will shoot it :(.

We’ll travel there before the main season starts, so prices are still considerably low. But still, it’s not so easy to find cheap accommodation, sleeping-bag-accommodation is very common as a cheaper alternative. One night we’ll even stay in a container! 😀

picture is taken from here

Unfortunately, we’ll miss the best time to see the northern light a.k.a aurora borealis, which is around February-March :(. Well, let’s hope we’ll be lucky enough to see it while we’re there..

So.. see you soon, puffins! 🙂

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