Cat Café in Singapore

My sister just arrived in Singapore when we decided to visit the Chinatown area. Right after we got out from the MRT station, we stumbled upon a cat café! It is called The Company of Cats, located in the Mosque St.

Now, a little bit of history about cat café… The world’s first cat café, “Cat Flower Garden”, opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998. Then, the concept blossomed in Japan and became very popular, with seventy nine cat cafés opened across the country.Wikipedia

Even though I’m an avid cat lover, and these kind of cafés have been around the world for quite a while, this would be my first cat café experience. The café was right in front of us, and we felt that the cats were calling for us to come in, so we thought… why not, let’s go!

No wonder we felt being called… with that many maneki-neko!

Before playing with the cats, we had to wash our hands first. Then, the lady there made sure that we know the rules in the café, such as.. Don’t lift the cats. Don’t wake the cats up. Don’t kidnap the cats *grin*. Okay, hands are clean, rules are laid down, let’s play!

Unfortunately… at that time, they were all snoozing T__T. Maybe we came at the wrong time… their napping time. See the cat at the upper left of the picture? We tried to play with her, but she wasn’t interested, and fell asleep almost immediately :(. The cat at the upper right is named Sasha *maybe inspired by Sasha Grey? ehem :p*, she was so grumpy when I tried to disturb her nap. The others were just too comfortable in their sleeping place *the shark is just too cute!*.

Actually, all were napping… except one! She walked across the room, sniffed my sister’s backpack, which is full of our cats’ (back at home) scent and furs… of course ;), then decided to be friendly with us :). She was the friendliest cat in da house! But… not for long, because she was then gone behind this…

Can you guess what kind of business? 😉 A very adorable toilet door don’t you think?

So yeah, the rest of the time we were there we just roamed around, enjoying the interior of the café, which is very nice, calm, peaceful… and cute! I love the decors there. There were also some cat-related-books, like this one, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!), which I might need when I have cats in my own house… later ;). By the way, can you count how many cats are there in the above picture?

Oh, I found this book, that might help the bear answering his cat’s *sometimes annoying* questions :D.

All in all, it was a really nice experience :). Just that… maybe we should pick the better time to visit :p. And maybe choose a cat café with kittens, because kittens are definitely more fun to play with!

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