Ahoj, 2016!

Thank you for the great time, 2015… let’s hope 2016 will be as wonderful 🙂

Now, a little bit of what happened at the end of 2015…

To explain the title, which means Hello, 2016!” in Czech, it’s because for the new year’s eve we decided to join a friend’s plan to stay at a holiday house a.k.a ferienhaus somewhere up in the mountains of Czech Republic: with 5x bedrooms and 2x bathrooms/toilets for 10 – max. 22 persons, without landlord. Judging from my past experiences of staying in a ferienhaus in Horní Blatná, and by looking at the pictures (below),

I imagined a holiday house in a small village surrounded by forest, with tranquil and romantic atmosphere. However… in reality…

Do you see the little house there surrounded by plattenbau instead? 😀 ^^;;

Anyway, it was a nice place although… with 22 people in a house *and only 2 bathrooms!* it was a bit too crowded for me :”>. We got to eat the very yummy and tasty Czech food though, and drink cheap but good pilsner *for bear*, because during our 2 nights there we always had dinner at a restaurant, so I won’t complain much ;).

On the last day of 2015, we decided to go for a hike to Sněžka *Schneekoppe in German, meaning snow top*, the highest natural point in the Czech Republic at 1,603 m. The nearest town (to park) would be Pec pod Sněžkou, but since it is a very popular tourist destination, and perhaps also because of the timing and the very nice and sunny weather, our cars were stopped quite far before we reached the town *the town was fully packed, they said* and we had to park by the road.

The hike was 14 km in total, around 900 m ascent. It was… tough for the cat, especially at the base of Sněžka’s bald head, when the hiking trail becomes a steep staircase covered in loose rock. But we made it! And there we saw our last beautiful sunset of the year… on the top of snow top without any snow 😀

The eve then continued with dinner at a restaurant, then party at the house. We counted the last 10 second like everyone else, then went outside to watch the fireworks. I wanted to jump on the bear’s back to have a better view, but failed… landed on my butt and head instead. Probably because of the light concussion *perhaps combined with the fatigue from the hike, and too much food or ehem…. drink*, I had to throw up right after ^^;

So… I start my new year with a very early sleep half an hour after 00:00, even though I still wanted to continue partying like everyone else, black and blue with bruises, muscle cramps, dizziness… but then it was a very wise decision because I had a good rest and hence avoiding the hangover morning like what the others had :p. I hope it’s a good sign, that in this coming year I will always follow the wiser decision ;). And that however bad my condition is after an ‘ordeal’ or a ‘fall’, a good rest that follows will make me as good as before :).


Special thanks to my bear for every motivation and ‘push’ you gave for me to reach every top we’ve been to last year… and to make me a better and healthier person. Regarding my attempt to finish my thesis, perhaps some ‘spanks’ are also needed though ;). Please keep on doing so this year, would you? I would promise you the same… Hugs and kisses, your cat.

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