Not So Wise No More

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I woke up sometime last week with a sore throat, I thought “Uh oh, flu is coming…” However, the pain then moves also to my ear, and my head… but only on the left side. That’s when I knew that my upper-left wisdom tooth was causing trouble, again.

Last year, when I was home in Indonesia, I went to a dentist hoping that he would take this troubled tooth out, because I noticed that it grew abnormally towards my cheek. He dismissed me with pain relievers -.- One year later, the tooth grew bolder and causing me pain when I, 1) still don’t have any health insurance in Italy because I’m in the process of renewing my stay permit, and 2) only two weeks away from going back to Indonesia.

At first I was like, “I will endure the pain and wait until I’m back in Indonesia so I can get it removed there (with a considerably lower cost)!” After just one day I gave up and looked for a dentist here.

With my broken Italian I managed to explain my problem, but it turned out that the assistant and the dentist could actually speak English. The assistant even has a plan to quit her job and travel to Indonesia for several months. “Cool!” I said, didn’t manage to talk more because of the pain.

The dentist looked at it for one minute and said, “It needs to be removed!” then started to inject my gums with anesthesia. “Let’s wait for 5 minutes,” he smiled then left the room. I was frankly… quite scared because I read and heard how wisdom tooth extraction is difficult and sometimes needs surgery. The assistant assured me, “Don’t worry! Extracting the upper one is usually easier, trust me!”

After 5 minutes, my left mouth was completely numb and (felt) swollen, the dentist was back, “Okay, let’s try!”, he said. He started pulling my tooth, I didn’t feel a thing, thankfully. The next minute the tooth was out. I brought it home with me, so that I can still retain my wisdom somehow :p

The whole process took only less than 10 minutes… and cost me €120.

I should’ve been a dentist.

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