Explaining the Gap

I have no valid excuses: I simply abandoned this blog for more than 3 years, which… coincides with my PostDoc period 😀 maybe there’s a correlation. My official homepage (as a researcher), however, is updated frequently.

One of the reasons is that my old domain (paramitopia.com) was expired and I moved to this new domain. Setting up things took a while (not the whole 3 years though!) because I’d like the theme designs for both my personal homepage and my blog to be perfect, and mobile-friendly. The second reason is… I don’t really know what to write (publicly) anymore 🙁 mostly because I’m worried that I might overshare, hence, I ended up with a lot of private posts. Should I write my travel reports? Some book/movie/TV show reviews? Or even recipes I tried? The blog kinda losts its purpose… and writing becomes something that is less enjoyable (blame conference submissions! …which are associated with deadlines 😀 ).

A lot of things happened in the meantime, although, I’d like to think more about what I will share here, or in my social media in general. Still, I want to pick this up again! Wish me… courage, and a sense of humor 😉

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