The Bear and Bahasa Indonesia

So… finally! The bear had a chance to visit Indonesia 🙂 Selamat datang di Indonesia, Beruang! [Welcome to Indonesia, Bear!] picture is taken from here Before coming, the only phrase he knows is selamat malam [good evening/night]. After spending a week in Indonesia, Bali and Banyuwangi to be exact, he almost becomes a native speaker of Indonesian language! …kidding :p. But at least he knows some more words now, hehe. Selamat pagi, siang, sore, malam After READ MORE

Workation in Gran Canaria

this picture was taken from here A workation is a trip or vacation where you must perform some task for your regular work. Although you may be in a new or exotic locale, you may have to attend meetings, telecommute, or complete projects for your job. — I think companies should really consider to do this once in a while *grin*, this is what it looks like… Luckily, as a PhD student I have READ MORE

Linkin Park, "The Hunting Party" in Munich

My first time ever to go to a big concert. And… actually, my first time ever to get out of Munich train station  😀 *I passed by Munich a lot of times on my way to/from Dresden*. The concert tickets were actually part of the bear’s graduation reward *from himself, the cat accompanying him was a bonus :p*, which was followed by a short trip to Canary Islands. As for myself, well, I needed a distraction from a READ MORE

On Cats and Their Affections

picture is taken from here My mom once said, unlike dogs, cats (as pets) are not feeling attached to the people, but to the house. That’s what differs cats from dogs: the level of affection, loyalty and attachment to their owner. Our cats are free to roam wherever they want, but they always come back to our house, for food, and comfortable place to sleep *sometimes, our warm laps* :D. Yeah, I think cats are READ MORE

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea

Ahoy! This time the cat and the bear are on a sailing adventure! Both of us had never done this before. We’re so lucky that one of our friends knows how to sail and that he proposed to go sailing for our summer holiday :). So, in the end, the crew consisted of 5 members: the cat, the bear, a Siamese cat *ehem, because she’s Thai ;)*, Capt. polar bear, and another polar bear :p. Here you READ MORE

The Cat and The Bear in Iceland

Halló! Cat is back! I’ve been trying to write about this trip since a month ago :D. It wasn’t summer yet back then in Iceland, but the lands were getting greener, although it was still snowing for a day or two. The weather was really unpredictable, like.. stormy rain in the morning, then sunny sunshine in the afternoon. Anyway, it was a very cool trip! Figuratively and literally. Yep, that was our driving route. Our rental car told READ MORE

The Cat and The Bear: Puffin!

I really can’t wait for our next trip… to Iceland! This Saturday the bear will start his summer school in Iceland, and I will be giving a presentation at a conference in Sweden. But after that… it’s time for a road trip! We’ll spend 8 days driving around the Iceland ring road, with the total length of 1,332 km. The itinerary has been set, hotels are booked. Activities include.. natural steam baths *a lot of them! READ MORE

Playing with duoLingo

Da die Katze viel freie Zeit hat, lernt sie Deutsch, so dass sie mit der Familie des Bären sprechen kann. Sie lernt mit einem Spiel, welches duoLingo heißt. Es ist interessant! Die Katze lernt so schnell. I knew of duoLingo for the first time on one of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) seminars, as one of prominent online courses for language. At that time I was thinking, “Hmmm… interesting”, but that’s all, I didn’t even bother to try READ MORE

The Cat and The Bear… and Baby Elephant!

I can finally talk about this, since the Christmas present has been given ^^. You could probably guess from the above picture, yes… the present is a baby elephant! The bear is now a foster parent of an African baby elephant named Kithaka 🙂 Kithaka, which means ‘forest’ in the Meru language, was only around one week old when he was found wandering alone in a village near Imenti forest in Kenya, separated from his family. READ MORE

Cat Scratch Pad: Whiteboard Wall Sticker

The idea comes from the bear actually. He’s been wanting to have a whiteboard, but unfortunately, the dorm where he stays is not so flexible about things one can put on the wall. I like the idea, I mean… sometimes we need to write or sketch things down out of our mind, and using a whiteboard will save some papers. Save papers, save trees. Besides, in my new flat I have empty spaces on the READ MORE