La Promenade du Soir

This evening I decided to take a walk, alone, to refresh my mind. There’s so much going on in my head lately, and I really need to sort it out, one by one. Walking alone is always my favorite way to do it :). Fortunately, Nancy is perfect for that. Besides, it can give you, dear readers, more or less what kind of city Nancy is ^^. I know that it is rarely heard when READ MORE


I made it!! ^^ I’m tired as hell, but… happy ­čÖé Because I can get through this long journey alone without any major problem. Things run according to the plan, with some slight changes but it’s not a big problem. Uhmm, I’m kinda tired of using English. Here I have to speak English *and a little bit of French* all day long, so… Pake Bahasa Indonesia aja aaah :)) Well, sebenarnya sudah sejak 2 hari READ MORE