Benvenuti a casa mia!

After a series of living in dorms: a mini apartment in Nancy, a single room with shared bathroom and mini kitchen in Bolzano and a single room with private bathroom in Trento, I finally move to… my own flat! It’s called monolocale in Italian which basically means studio: the bedroom-living room-kitchen all in one space, and only the bathroom that is in a separate room. I moved out from the comfortable Studentato San Bartolameo because READ MORE

Say Cheese! (Part 2)

Long long time ago… when I was still in France, I decided to start this cheesevestigation. But somehow it stopped abruptly. Perhaps after I courageously tried this cheese with blue mold, and that experience left me traumatized.. for a while :p. Now that I’m in Italy, which also offers me a great variety of cheese, I will continue my investigation ^^. Here it goes… Mozzarella I’m sure this cheese is already well-known around the world. READ MORE

My Big Fridge

So, as I mentioned before here, I have my own balcony in my room. Well, actually shared with the neighbor next to my room, separated by a partition, but still big enough. The most convenience advantage of having this, during the winter, is that I have my personal fridge… a very big one! :)) I don’t have to worry if I don’t have enough space in the shared fridge at the common kitchen. Yes, it READ MORE

2012-10-12: Defense Day

October 12, 2012. It’s been more than 3 weeks, but every minute of that day is still fresh in my memory. A very memorable day indeed 🙂 The day started very early, since they scheduled my defense to be at 9 AM. It’s pretty good actually, less time to feel anxious, and I was released from the pressure since early in the morning. I was the second person to go, after my friend, my LCT READ MORE

Addio Bolzano, Ciao Trento!

Actually, I’ve said goodbye to my sweet room in Rainerum since 3 weeks ago, but… at that time it didn’t feel like I’ve already moved out from Bolzano. Lots of my stuffs were still there, I still found myself eating in university canteen and hanging out with my friends there, and most importantly… I was still a student of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, until around a week ago when I finally defended my Master thesis READ MORE

Thesis… Submitted!

Finally, exactly 2 weeks before the D-Day a.k.a defense day, I managed to finish my thesis and submitted 3 bound copies to the university. Why 3 I’m not sure, one of them will go to university library, and I’m supposed to get one back after the defense, the other one… perhaps because I have co-supervisor in different university. I really like it that we don’t have to make a hardcover of the thesis, we just READ MORE

Movie Night: SnowMan

Akhirnya sodara-sodara… saya kembali merasakan sensasi menonton film di bioskop, setelah sekian lama XD. Soalnya film Hollywood yang diimpor di sini pasti di-dubbing sih, entah dalam bahasa Italia atau Jerman. Nah, ternyata.. dalam satu bulan ada hari khusus di mana ada film yang diputar dalam bahasa aslinya, tanpa di-dubbing. Lebih tepatnya di hari Selasa minggu terakhir. Kami para penghuni Bolzano yang enggan menonton film dalam bahasa Italia atau Jerman baru tahu tentang aturan ini sebulan yang READ MORE

Four semesters… passed.

Meneruskan tradisi, seperti apa yang sebelumnya ditulis di sini, sana, dan situ. Waktu semester ketiga selesai kemarin entah kenapa mood untuk menulis enggan muncul, jadinya tak terdokumentasi deh ;p. Sekarang, empat semester terlewati sudah, sudah 2 tahun! Harusnya sih sudah lulus, tapi apa daya, thesis masih stuck di halaman introduction, hahahah. Sedikit cerita tentang kampus di Bolzano… I love it more than the one in Nancy! Kenapa? Karena kalau misalnya saya keluar dari kamar berangkat READ MORE