Summer Holiday: Szia Budapest!

After a successful trip to Holland, we decided to test our endurance using the same method of travelling abroad.. using bus, but with a longer distance. So… in the middle of June, off we go to Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! Although it’s double the distance of Nancy-Amsterdam (Nancy-Budapest ±1000 km), the fare is actually almost the same, even less: €75 round-trip. We departed from Nancy at 7 PM, had to change bus READ MORE

Spring Holiday: Holland!

During the spring holiday, in the beginning of May to be exact, me and my nancéiens friend, Rona, decided to go to Holland. Of course to visit the tulips ^^ since they’re all blooming beautifully. It was a short trip, we spent only 4 days and 3 nights there. But in that short trip I felt very refreshed. It’s important because we always need a happy mind and soul to welcome a series of (unfortunate) READ MORE

Spring Holiday: Riquewihr & Kaysersberg

I’m actually feeling very guilty because I’ve just write about this now >.<. This day-trip was initiated by my fellow LCT student, Casey, in… wait let me check first… the end of April. Aw, it almost feels like last year ^^; At that time I had no class anymore, but still had to deal with projects and exam. Anyhoo.. it’s springtime, so.. time to have some fun! 🙂 We *four of us: me, Casey, Shashi, and Tzuyi* READ MORE

Winter Holiday: Captured Moments

Hola! Buongiorno! ^^ One thing that I like from France is… there are so many holidays! :)) This time I had two weeks of holiday, which is *maybe* the winter holiday. Later there will be another 3 weeks of holiday in the end of April, which is the spring holiday. And holiday means… spending quite a lot of money for trip, sigh -_-. But the view and the experiences I got are totally worth it READ MORE

End-of-Year 2010 Holiday: Captured Moments

Finally! I’ve finished compiling all of the pictures taken during the twelve days of my end-of-year holiday. It’s a lot, I know. There are still thousands in my camera’s memory card, but these ones below, I really want to share them with you :”>. I feel it’s kind of a waste to just keep it to myself ;p. So, enjoy! [cincopa AcKADaqVdCEB] And now, the story behind… Ehem, maaf, terpaksa kembali ke mode bahasa Indonesia READ MORE

1 Syawal 1431H en Metz

Uhmm, I think I’m gonna write this story in Bahasa, coz’ I kinda miss home right now @_@ I used to spend Eid day with my family, and not this year, huks… But it’s okay, I had a very great Lebaran anyway ^^. Let’s see… *akan sangat panjang ceritanya XD* Jam 4 pagi sudah harus bangun, karena rencananya mau naik kereta jam 06.24 ke… Metz! Tadinya mau ke Paris, berburu ketupat dan kawan-kawannya di KBRI, READ MORE