Linkin Park, "The Hunting Party" in Munich

My first time ever to go to a big concert. And… actually, my first time ever to get out of Munich train station  ðŸ˜€ *I passed by Munich a lot of times on my way to/from Dresden*. The concert tickets were actually part of the bear’s graduation reward *from himself, the cat accompanying him was a bonus :p*, which was followed by a short trip to Canary Islands. As for myself, well, I needed a distraction from a READ MORE

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea

Ahoy! This time the cat and the bear are on a sailing adventure! Both of us had never done this before. We’re so lucky that one of our friends knows how to sail and that he proposed to go sailing for our summer holiday :). So, in the end, the crew consisted of 5 members: the cat, the bear, a Siamese cat *ehem, because she’s Thai ;)*, Capt. polar bear, and another polar bear :p. Here you READ MORE

The Cat and The Bear in Iceland

Halló! Cat is back! I’ve been trying to write about this trip since a month ago :D. It wasn’t summer yet back then in Iceland, but the lands were getting greener, although it was still snowing for a day or two. The weather was really unpredictable, like.. stormy rain in the morning, then sunny sunshine in the afternoon. Anyway, it was a very cool trip! Figuratively and literally. Yep, that was our driving route. Our rental car told READ MORE

Ski Vacation II (without snow)

As in the previous year, February is the time for ski vacation or… as the Bear said, Winterurlaub! The destination is exactly the same, Horní Blatná in Czech Republic, and we stayed in the same green house called Pension Florian. The house remained the same, except that… now there’s WiFi! 😀 I still can’t decide whether that is good or not. Last year I felt so happy and relaxed during the vacation because I wasn’t bothered by emails or READ MORE

Americat in New York

One continent down, only 3 more to go! Well, Antarcticat maybe can be crossed out from the list *too cold >.<* leaving Africat and Australia. But I stepped only on a very small tip of America, and of U.S. even, I will definitely come back another time. I spent only two weeks (mainly) in New York. The first few days exploring NYC, then we flew to Buffalo for Niagara Falls and drove back to NYC. READ MORE

Applying for US Visa in Italy

I knooow.. I should start writing my paper, but I can’t stop being excited about my upcoming trip >.< Call me… Fnu! 😀 My name is Paramita, Fnu Paramita… Getting the tourist visa was quite easy actually: Fill the online application form for non-immigrant visa (DS-160) in here. There is a warning in that site **Please be patient as you use this form. Download times may vary depending on your internet connection speed.** But for me, READ MORE

The Cat and The Bear… going to India!

Namaste! Before going into detail stories of the places that the cat and the bear visited, let me give you the heads-up on where they were traveling around in India (plus a few side stories :p). They only have limited time (2 weeks), so they could not explore the whole India ^^;. Starting from the center, Nagpur, they headed up north until Shimla, before going back to Delhi for the flight back. Okay, from now READ MORE

Ionian Islands: Kefalonia & Ithaca

Γεια σου!! When I say I had a vacation in Greece, I’m sure that you will imagine those ancient Greek ruins in Athens, the blue-and-white houses in Santorini, or… wonderful beaches. Well, we didn’t get to see the first two, but we indeed visited the best beaches I have ever seen so far :). It all started when we browsed for cheap ticket anywhere from Milan, because we felt that we really needed a vacation READ MORE

Ski Vacation

Berbeda dengan liburan musim dingin tahun-tahun sebelumnya, yang bertema city hopping, kali ini tema liburan saya.. ski vacation! ^^ Bisa disebut juga ski-winter school, karena selama seminggu penuh tiada hari tanpa skiing, lengkap dengan instruktur tentunya :p. Bertempat di Horní Blatná, sebuah kota kecil di Czech Republic, di distrik yang berbatasan dengan Jerman. Sungguh kecil, sampai bisa tertangkap kamera hanya dalam satu gambar (di atas). Mengapa Czech? Karena segalanya jauh lebih murah di sana ^^. Kalau READ MORE

I miss you too :'(

from: to: date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 5:06 PM subject: It’s been 6 months since your last trip. We’ve missed you! Hey Paramita! We haven’t seen you in awhile…in fact, today’s the 6-month anniversary of your last Hostelworld booking! We miss you. Want to feel the excitement of planning a trip again? Why not start your next adventure with us! — Anyway, I will travel to Indonesia (read: going home!!) at the end of this year, READ MORE